When it comes to quality, we make no compromises. This is reflected in everything we do – in the way we handle and process wood, in the way we manufacture our sauna heaters and control panels, and in our approach to safety and customer service. KLAFS quality is perfection, down to the smallest detail. So that you can relax down to the tips of your toes.



It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of wood in sauna construction. Each type of wood has specific characteristics. Choosing types which are best suited for the sauna is crucial – and can determine whether or not you feel comfortable and happy in the sauna. And expert craftsmanship of this product of nature is of equal importance – because ultimately, it’s the wood that exerts perhaps the strongest influence over the climate in the sauna. The sturdy, knot-free wood of Canadian hemlock is perfect for saunas and SANARIUM®. Even when subjected to extreme conditions, it doesn’t warp. It also radiates heat very evenly. For our sauna seats and benches, we use soft, splinter-free woods such as abachi or poplar, or other woods with low thermal conductivity. The seats and benches are then fixed from the underside using screws which do not corrode or rust. The benches can support up to 200kg in weight, and are simple to remove when the sauna is cleaned.

The Dresden Institute for Wood Technology awarded its seal of approval to KLAFS quality real wood veneer panels, certifying that the panels we use do not contain formaldehyde, and therefore conform to legal requirements. KLAFS real wood veneer panels also meet all legal demands with regard to the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

In order for you to feel completely relaxed and safe in your sauna or spa facility, we strive to ensure our products receive all certification and seals of approval from the relevant quality assurance boards. KLAFS saunas meet all RAL quality requirements in accordance with the guidelines published by the Quality Assurance Board for Sauna Construction.



The first Finnish saunas provided a welcome change to the cold, but they all boiled down to just two settings – fire on, or fire off. The rest was up to Mother Nature. KLAFS sauna control panels, on the other hand, are packed to the brim with state-of-the-art technology: microprocessors, phase sequence relays and a diagnostic system. This makes them safer, more durable and more user-friendly.

With the elegant innovation TOUCH CONTROL, the ultimate in comfort and convenience now enters your spa world: for the first time ever, sophisticated spa settings, developed by sauna experts, can be started at a mere touch. These settings not only regulate the temperature; they also activate various optional extras. In total, you can choose from 12 standard settings. Each setting includes information on the chosen sequence and the accompanying health benefits. Alternatively, you can programme up to 10 settings of your own – just as the fancy takes you. TOUCH CONTROL is incredibly innovative. With an elegant, slim-line design, it’s incredibly simple to use, and also features password protection, a scratchproof, high-resolution touchscreen, solid aluminium casing and numerous connections enabling you to link it to building utilities, service interfaces or MP3 players.

Snow on the motorway, a sudden downpour whilst you’re out jogging, a beautiful sunset on the ski slopes? In moments like these, we long for a sauna! With the KLAFS sauna app, you can now switch on your SANARIUM® even when you’re out and about. So that when you arrive home, your SANARIUM® is ready and waiting for you – at the desired temperature. Our app is wonderfully convenient, allowing you to switch your sauna on and off, check its status, set the timer and even control the humidity. It can be used for the SANARIUM® in conjunction with the 18033 control panel or TOUCH CONTROL, and is available for all conventional smartphone operating systems. All the settings and controls on the KLAFS app are as intuitive and user-friendly as our  control panels themselves. What’s more, multiple users can use their smartphones to communicate with the SANARIUM®. And when you’re not there in person, KLAFS ASC safety concept acts as your watchdog, protecting your sauna against incorrect use. If you use the remote activation, for example, and the sauna door is opened, a touch-sensitive switch inside the door registers the fact and prevents the sauna from turning on. The SANARIUM® can only be controlled remotely following a prior inspection. With the KLAFS app, you can take your favourite settings with you wherever you go. And peace of mind, too.

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The sauna heater has always been at the heart of any sauna. Which is why we treat these stone-filled heaters with the consideration they deserve. When you choose your sauna heater, we offer competent and comprehensive advice, sophisticated designs and bespoke quality. Because not only do you want your sauna heater to generate the perfect sauna climate – you also want it to serve you for many years to come.



  • With InfraPLUS, infrared-C radiation warms your back intensively.
  • Targeted heat with intensity regulated automatically via
    four SensoCare sensors.
  • Backrest can be adjusted to various levels for comfort.
  • Complies with RAL guidelines for infrared heat cabins.
  • Life-long guarantee for the patented low-temperature ceramic heater.


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