Custom Made Spas

Quality Custom Made Spas at a Competitive Price!

East End Spa & Sauna customizes spas based on your desires and criteria.
Offering the finest quality spas. View our options below from Caldera.

Paradise Series


Vacanza Series


Utopia Series


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The Benefits of a Spa

  1. 1Relieves Stress
  2. 2Promotes Relaxation
  3. 3Amazing Health Benefits
  4. 4Promotes “Family Time”
  5. 5Socializing with Friends
  6. 6Mental Benefits
  7. 7Relieves Muscle Aches & Tightness

We are your full-spa service center providing all of your chemical needs, spa covers, cover lifters to make use of your spa more convenient and more spontaneous, and efficiently storing your cover saving on wear and tear. Additional options and accessories for your spa include steps, cushions and pillows, fragrances and filters.